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Brown Rugby Advisory Board

In February 2021, the inaugural Brown Rugby Advisory Board was established to provide the team's leadership with a broader support group consisting of alumni and parents.  This group has been working to establish and implement a "Plan of Excellence", improve and expand our alumni database, establish dedicated sub-committees and digitize the Brown Rugby history.  

Advisory board.png

Advisory Board Members

Jay Fluck '65 - Chairman

James Sabatier '87 - Vice-Chairman

Diana Zeller '23P - Secretary

Robert Far '67 - Treasurer


Scott Adams '90

Andrew Alvarez '11

Robert Angell '78

Samuel Caspersen '95

Davis Clayson '86

Peter Crist '74

Murray Danforth '77

Ron Gutfleish '81

Samuel Hodges '04

David Laflamme - Head Coach

John LeClaire '79

Brian Moynihan '81

Peter Smith '22

Richard Stamm '89

Kent Swig '83

Justin Traxler '90

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